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Mission To Planet Earth

Student Flights

Apollo the Armadillo
Student Flights
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Educators who participated in Mission to Planet Earth are welcomed back later in the year and bring their students to participate in a mini-ground school and first flights in university-owned aircraft.
Past Student Flights
Since the first Student Flight session in summer 2010, over 100 elementary, middle, and high school students have taken their first flights. Students will take off from OU Max Westheimer Airport, fly, and land with an FAA certified flight instructor in a Piper Warrior training aircraft. Students are provided with a flight log book and lunch. Students are selected by teachers who participated in Mission to Planet Earth educatorís workshop.
Future Student Flights
ATTENTION ALL TEACHERS FROM THE PREVIOUS MTPE: It's your turn to provide opportunities for your students to learn more about aerospace and aviation technology. Plus, they'll have a blast flying a plane!