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Apollo the Armadillo
Apollo the OSGC Armadillo:
The Official Geo-critter for the NASA Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium
Hello! I am Apollo the Armadillo from Oklahoma. I work for the NASA Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium as their "Official Geo-critter!"

I have the coolest job ever! I travel with the NASA Oklahoma Space Grant Consortiumís Education Coordinator, Dorinda Risenhoover, as she attends conferences representing OSGC all over the United States, uses hands-on STEM-based activities to help students of all ages better understand aerospace concepts, teaches teachers how to teach aerospace education across the curriculum, and on her daily adventures! Sometimes, I even get to travel with other members of the OSGC staff on their adventures or visit various classrooms in the United States (via the help of the U.S. Postal Service, of course). When I am not traveling, I live on the bookshelf of Dorindaís office.

As I travel, I will be writing my adventures in a journal (including photographs) here on our website! While I wonít be making entries on a daily basis, I will be making them as often as possible! Please check back every few days to see what I am up to!

Teachers: Using my journal will be a great way for your students to "travel on many adventures" without ever leaving the classroom. If you would like to know some great hands-on activities to use while using the journal in your classroom, please look at the bottom of each post for classroom suggestions. In addition, you may contact our Education Coordinator, Dorinda Risenhoover, via e-mail (DorOKSG@ou.edu).

Families: Whether you use this site for ideas of places to go on your next vacation or of a way to bring geography to life for your children, I look forward to having you follow along on my many adventures!

You can follow my adventures on the "Apollo and the NASA OSGC MTPE 2013 Geo Critters" Kidblog. Not only can you find my adventures here, but you can also read about the adventures of my fellow geo critters from MTPE 2013. Click here to link to our Kidblog site. You can also follow me on facebook at "Apollo the Armadillo Official Geo Critter for the Oklahoma NASA Space Grant"! Please remember to like this page!