K-12 Programs

Mission To Planet Earth

Programs of OSGC
The Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium (OSGC) supports educational endeavors throughout the State of Oklahoma that are related to NASA's mission:
"Drive advances in science, technology, and exploration
to enhance knowledge, education, innovation, economic vitality,
and stewardship of Earth."
Program Facets
As encouraged by NASA, the OSGC seeks to incorporate the following into its program:
  • Evidence of adequate opportunity for students at affiliate institutions to participate.
  • Emphasis on representation (among applicants and awardees) of women, underrepresented groups, and persons with disabilities.
  • Fair and competitive application and award processes.
  • Criteria for success by which the effectiveness of the program can be demonstrated.
  • Inculcation of a sense of social responsibility within the design of the programs, such as a mentoring component.
  • Accurate annual fellowship disbursement and tracking reports for NASA Headquarters.
Areas of Concentration
The OSGC's primary areas of concentration include Fellowship Funds, Research Infrastructure, Higher Education, Pre-College Education, General Public Outreach, and External Relations. Various programs, like Mission to Planet Earth, are held each year at the Lead Office. Individual students and professors receive funding for internships, scholarships and fellowships, and research in space-related fields.

The OSGC annually distributes over $1 million to education and research in Oklahoma.